cam·paign /kamˈpeɪn/work in an organised and active way towards a goal

SCEC has been campaigning to protect the natural environment on the Sunshine Coast since 1980. SCEC works to protect the ecosystems and biodiversity of the region from the negative impacts of urban sprawl, land clearing, climate change, pollution and other issues caused by population growth.


Planning & Development Issues – SCEC closely monitors planning issues and development applications that are submitted to council and makes submissions on any applications likely to have a significant impact on the natural environment on the Sunshine Coast. 

Climate & Coastal Management – The majority of people on the Sunshine Coast live on a narrow strip of land immediately behind the coastline. Much of the development has taken place in close proximity to beaches and dunes that have historically waxed and waned with storm and flood events. These processes now threaten homes and community infrastructure as well as the beaches and dunes we’ve come to love. As the impacts of climate change start to be felt coastal communities around the globe will have to make difficult decisions about how to manage shorelines and at what cost homes and community facilities should be protected or whether other responses might be more appropriate.

Events - it takes a whole community to achieve widespread, long lasting change. SCEC use events as a platform to engage the broader community on sustainability issues, and to inspire ecologically responsible behaviour. 

Explore the work we do below and find out how you can get involved in promoting and preserving our beautiful natural environment.