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Community actions for Plastic Waste & Recycling

Join in activities and events on the Sunshine Coast
  • Join in a community clean-up event 
  • Volunteering for the environment and plastic pollution organisations (SCECs Member Groups)
  • Encourage local businesses to become more plastic-free friendly 
  • Waste-free activities at festivals and fairs 
  • Donate to Animal Rescues and Animal Hospitals 
Needs the following:
  • Old towels and flat sheets and fluffy blankets (no pillows, doonas, blankets or fitted sheets).
Needs the following:
  • Old towels (bath and beach), pillowcases (cotton, flannelette, linen or bamboo), handmade pouches knitted 100% wool pouches with 100% cotton liners. 
Additional Supplies:
  • Reusable cable ties, disposable gloves, safety gloves, puppy training pads, and rolls of shade cloth (50%, 80% and 90%). 
  • Cages & carriers:  large cages, top opening pet carriers/ rescue baskets, flexariums, possums boxes, humid cribs/ incubators. 
  • Heating pads with thermostat controllers, puppy playpens, aviaries (preferably flat packed), portable aviaries and fixed location aviaries, ceramic or metal food bowls.