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Plastic Waste & Recycling for Schools 

Plastic Waste in Schools

Plastic Oceans Australia

  • Plastic Oceans offers a school education program for primary and secondary students to help them make positive environmental changes, especially plastic.

Bye Bye Plastic 

  • Bye Bye Plastic offers helpful tips and resources to help reduce plastic in schools in Australia.
Recycling in Schools
  • TerraCycle offers free recycling programs for common school and household rubbish. When items are sent through one of the many programs, the schools will receive points that can be redeemed as dollar donations to your school
  • Banish Recycling and Disposal Program (BRAD) is an organisation that offers recycling for hard-to-recycle items, and businesses, schools and more can use the program for bulk recycling—email to discuss bulk recycling options.

ABC iView War on Waste

  • ABC iView has created a series that delves into the war on waste and the waste crisis that Australia is facing, and tracks down everyday solutions. The series is called War On Waste hosted by Craig Reucassel, it has three series.