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Climate Action

What You Can Do To Act On Climate Change

Please join us in our efforts to tackle the most important issue of our time. While combating climate change may seem like an overwhelming task, we must remember that our individual actions hold significant power. By reducing our own energy usage and consumption of resources as well as by influencing companies and policy makers we can collectively make a substantial impact on reducing Australia's overall emissions, rather than simply relying on targets set by governments that may not be ambitious enough.

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Uniting against climate change for a sustainable future

We are currently facing a climate and ecological emergency. It is imperative that all levels of government, business and the community take action to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit global temperature rise to below 1.5 Degrees Celsius. The Climate Action campaign is an initiative by SCEC focused on broadening Sunshine Coast residents’ awareness of climate change issues, and encouraging them to take action.

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What does climate change mean for our planet?

The unfolding climate emergency is already causing major disruptions to our natural ecosystems, and pushing some species towards extinction . Climate fuelled extreme weather events such as bushfires,storms, floods and droughts have caused massive destruction to habitat and wildlife here in Australia in recent years. Our iconic Great Barrier Reef has experienced repeated coral bleaching events over the last 25 years caused by small rises in oceanic temperatures. Its very survival into the future is threatened if we don't take drastic action to curb climate change.

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group l contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report addresses the most up-to-date physical understanding of the climate system and climate change, AR6 "is a code red for humanity", says the UN Secretary General António Guterres.

To meet a legally binding agreement made by 196 parties at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2015 (COP 21) known as the Paris agreement, to keep global warming below 2 degrees centigrade (preferably 1.5°C), Australia has comitted to reduce its emissions to 43% below 2005 levels by 2030 and reach zero emissions by 2050. However the Climate Council says that based on the most up to date climate science, to do this we must aim for a 75% reduction in emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2035. This gap means that urgent action is required not just from governments but from the community at large.

 Our dedication to change

What is SCEC Doing?

Our aim is to bring the boader community together and lend their voice towards the environmental issues that matter to them. We want to show our politicians that their constituents want action on climate change now!

We want our politicians, of all parties and at all levels, to acknowledge that we are in a climate emergency and that they must show real leadership by committing to reductions in greenhouse emissions both in Australia and internationally.



The Journey so far...

Healthy and resilient natural ecosystems play a vital role in storing  carbon in a stable form and through ongoing photosynthesis  remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Both these processes slow the speed of climate change. SCECs role in ensuring the protection and restoration of natural habitats on the Sunshine Coast plays a vital role as part of our local response to the climate crisis.

SCEC has lobbied local governments and institutions to declare a climate emergency and divest from fossil fuels.

We have developed a Climate Emergency Action Plan that outlines our plans to address the climate emergency.

The Journey ahead.

SCEC remains dedicated to cultivating a resilient community capable of effectively adapting to the imminent changes we are set to face in the future.

Stay up to date about upcoming events and initiatives by from our affiliated member groups: Zero Emissions NoosaSolar Citizens, and Stop Adani Sunshine Coast.