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Here's a message we'd like to share from 350.org


Dear Friend,

Frustrated with the prospect of voting for the least worst choice at the upcoming election?

What happened to voting for something rather than against something? How is it that, despite the best efforts of so many, both inside and outside of politics, action on climate change is proceeding at a glacial pace?

Our expectation was that our leaders would address our big national problems but right now that doesn't seem to be the case. It’s clear that it’s up to those of us who care about issues such as climate change to drive the change we need.

This election, rather than choosing the least worst option, let's make an active choice. Let's choose candidates for what they stand for. Up to 9% of people don’t decide who they will vote for until they get to the polls so, over the next 48 hours, let's actively reach out to those around us and discuss the issues we know will have the biggest impact this year and in the decades to come.


If you're looking for information to guide your conversations and your vote, there are a stack of fantastic organisations and resources out there, including:

  • WWF’s Election Scorecard on how the parties rate on Reef protection and climate change
  • Care2’s overview of the challenges Australia faces going into the election
  • The Climate Institute’s Pollute-o-Meter which ranks the major parties’ policy responses to climate change
  • The Australian Youth Climate Coalition's analysis of how the parties stack up
  • Solar Citizen's solar scorecard which shows where your MP or candidate stands on renewable energy
  • Vote Climate's summary of where the major party's stand on climate
  • This article by Professor Ian Lowe on the urgent environmental issues that should be at the forefront of our minds as we head to the polls

It's inspiring to see how many of you have been working so hard to put climate change squarely on the political radar. For all you've done and all you will do, thank you so much!

And for all the frustration we're currently feeling about how this election is panning out, let's channel it into positive action for the months ahead!

Yours for a bright future,

Blair, Aaron, Charlie and Shaun on behalf of 350.org Australia


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