Express Your Art & Heart to Protect Elanda Point

A proposal has been put forward to the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing by Eco Camp Pty Ltd (Discovery Group) to downgrade 2.6 hectares in the Noosa River Declared Fish Habitat Area at Elanda Point (see Map 2) from a management A to a managment B Fish Habitat Area so they can build a 70m private jetty out into the tranquil, natural beauty of Lake Cootharaba with its rich, aquatic biodiversity.

This infrastructure is part of a larger proposal by the proponent for the much loved camping area and surrounds.

As a community who appreciates the natural values of the unique Noosa River system and environment, please join in some much needed and urgent action...

Come along to Buffalo Park Urunga Parade Boreen Point on Sunday 9th April 12pm- 5pm

Be part of a creative action for Elanda Point by bringing your art, voice, performance and expression to create, share, write and document your love of Elanda Point, Lake Cootharaba and natural places.

Anyone with access to a kayak or non-motorised craft is also invited to paddle the adjacent waters. So, if you're a kayaker, a SUP'per or any other type of paddler, please be part of a Flotilla at 3pm.

What can you do RIGHT NOW?

  1. Please sign and share this petition to Minister Steven Miles MP
  2. Voice your objection to the proposed downgrading of this unique part of the Noosa River Declared Fish Habitat Area by making a submission by Monday 10 April

  3. Like, follow and share the Protect Elanda Facebook page
  4. Instagram your Noosa River and Lake Cootharaba pics to @protect elanda
  5. Write Letters to the Editor and to your Mayor and Councillors

What is a Declared Fish Habitat Area?

A declared fish habitat area (FHA) is an area protected against physical disturbance from coastal development, while still allowing legal fishing.

Queensland's FHA network ensures fishing for the future by protecting all inshore and estuarine fish habitats (e.g. vegetation, sand bars and rocky headlands) contained within declared FHAs, which play the key role of sustaining local and regional fisheries.

See more about the importance of Fish Habitat Areas here.

There is good reason why Noosa River has 5,974 ha declared as management A, which naturally includes Elanda Point, and 100 ha as management B.

PLEASE KNOW: your formal submission is extremely powereful, so do take just a few minutes to send your comments not supporting a downgrading from Fish Habitat Management Area A to B by 5pm next Monday 10 April to;

The Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing;

E-mail: [email protected]

Or mail to:

Marine Resource management
Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing
Strategic Policy and Racing Industry Governance
P.O box 15187
City East Qld 4002

And also send a copy to the Hon Minister Steven Miles MP

Keep checking the Protect Elanda Facebook page for tips, information and updates