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Save Inskip Point

Do you love living in or visiting Rainbow Beach? Are you horrified by the Rainbow Shores 2 development proposal?Then the new Gympie Region Draft Planning Scheme concerns you!Please help all of us keep Rainbow and Inskip in good shape. You can have your say by putting in a submission on the Draft Plan.All submissions must be received by Council by Wednesday November 28. Your submission can be emailed to:[email protected] The Draft Plan can be downloaded from: Click on 'What's New' on the left-hand side menu and then scroll down the list to"Gympie Regional Council- Proposed New Planning Scheme" (16 Oct 2012)  ...

Vale Peter Oliver

SCEC was saddened to hear of the passing of the charasmatic and wonderful conservationist Peter Oliver. Long time friend and collegue Susie Chapman said, "In his lifetime he inspired so many with his infectiously enthusiastic and intelligent approach to collaborative management of our environment. In the last year that inspiration reached new heights as he publicly came to terms with his own mortality and left behind a lasting legacy of active and thoughtful service for the betterment of our world. I feel richer for knowing this mountain of a man". SCEC sends condolances to his family and friends.

SCEC is going to Woodford

We are very excited to announce that SCEC will have a presence at the Woodford Folk Festival again. From December 27th to January 1st SCEC will be talking to festival visitors about our campaigns and asking them to have a go at our 'GreenFeats'. The GreenFeats are a series of interactive displays SCEC developed for 2012 World Environment Day Festival. They are a fun and engaging way of exploring issues of sustainability and the impacts we have in our everyday life. Sounds intriguing come to the festival and find out more... WED Festival coordinator Matt Dinneen...