What does the Mooloolah Logging Area really look like?

This video provides a snapshot of just some of  the environmental values found in the Mooloolah Logging Area within the Beerwah State Forest. It's an insight into why it was due to transition into National Park until Minister Dickson arbitrarily suspended the SEQ Regional Forests Agreement & why it's the wrong place for a motorsports precinct.


SCEC maintains alternative sites need to be considered if such a facility is deemed viable  and a priority for ratepayer/taxpayer dollars following transparent and robust assessment. A proper consultation process which does not limit comment on a pre-determined location (currently the Mooloolah Logging Area-an important natural & public asset) which is clearly inappropriate for such intensive use given its high ecological values and proximity to residents for a start. 

Here's some information from the  Dept of National Parks, Recreation, Sport & Racing. The Wyaralong facility has quite different site and experience characteristics to that of the Mooloolah Logging Area and was developed under differing circumstances. However the regulatory provisions being drafted in a constrained timeframe and suggested for consultation in May are being based on this facility. Check the detail  of the Wyaralong regulatory provisions and a clip of the facility. While SCEC acknowledges there is impact from inappropriate recreational use of protected areas and the benefits of providing suitable and accessible off-road areas, consideration needs to be given to the direct impacts arising from siting this motorsports precinct as proposed in an area known to have high conservation values. Not to mention important social and economic factors.

Please share this clip, express your views and queries to Minister Steve Dickson , Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle MP  and Division 1 Cr Rick Baberowski 

With the Expressions of Interest stage now closed and into an 'in-house' commercial-in-confidence phase, SCEC will endeavour to provide whatever information is available to keep you updated. In turn, we welcome your input, questions and support.